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Administrative services for individuals 

As a private individual, a lot is coming your way. Work, a family and personal hassle mean that you do not always have the time to get the administration in order. At Accountbooks we understand this. We all have a drawer filled with administration that needs to be sorted out, but you simply do not have the time for it. We would love to help you.

All kinds of possibilities
Accountbooks offers various (custom) solutions where we help you to get your administration, tax return or applications in order with a personal approach. Below you can see the different options that we can offer you:

Administration processing based on a hourly rate
We make an appointment at your home or via Skype. This introductory meeting is of course completely without obligation. We look at your wishes and the options to support you. We will also give you an estimate of the time required for this. These hours are charged to you based on an hourly rate. Within the agreed term, you will receive your administration back along with its elaboration.

Administrative processing based on an all-inclusive package
This means a complete package. During the introductory meeting you can indicate your wishes and expectations. Depending on that we can offer you a package deal. Based on your wishes we receive your administration, invoices and other information. And according to our agreement we make sure you receive your processed administration back in return. This package deal runs from January 1 until December 31.

Income tax return
There is also the possibility that Accountbooks takes care of your annual income tax return. Against attractive rates we prepare your tax declaration. Naturally, the declaration will be discussed with you before it is finally sent.

Care request support
Our experience learned that there are very different rules and regulations when you need to apply for support in case of sickness, disability or the elderly. In situations like these Accountbooks can help you with our expertise and you receive the help you need, so you can take care of your loved ones.

Accountbooks is the partner for your administration


Administrative services for entrepreneurs

Accountbooks helps you by taking care of your administration. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly busy with your enterprise. This means that your administration comes last, simply because you do not have the time. We understand this.

Your own administrative digital environment
We would love to help you with your administration. You can choose to outsource all or a part of the administration to us. You can see how things stand in your own digital environment. All financial data is clearly sorted in one place. Notifications about payments that have not been received yet or invoices that still need to be paid are shown in a handy overview. Simple and clear.

Administration app
Would you rather make the invoices yourself and outsource everything else? That is also a possibility. You can choose to use a handy app that allows you to record all receipts and invoices. In consultation with your contact person, you will see what we can do for you. We will then take care of the final check and tax return for the turnover taxes for you. Accountbooks would love to help you with excellence services for a great price.

Help with tax work
One of our specialties is taking care of tax returns in the right way, in the right time. At Accountbooks, we have a lot of experience with submitting tax returns and taking care of the income tax return, corporation tax and sales tax. We take care of the corporate tax return by means of experts in our network. In addition, we provide the standard sales tax return for entrepreneurs. Whether you opt for a declaration per month, quarter or per year, it is all possible.

Payroll administration by experts
A correct handling of the payroll administration is of great importance. This requires an expert approach and good communication. By paying the correct contributions to the tax authorities and pension authorities, you avoid inconveniences afterwards during a possible pay check. Accountbooks would love to help you with payroll administration

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